Index 2003

Intellectics Group: Technical Report 03-10

TefoA - Testbed for Algorithms

Klaus Varrentrapp and Jürgen Henge-Ernst

Conducting computational experiments and analyzing their results in a sound manner can be tedious. Experiments have to be carried out, i.e. algorithms in various configurations with several inputs and repetitions have to be run. Results have to be analyzed from different perspectives, including a statistical evaluation. The main workload thereby consists or data management tasks. As nearly every scientist uses individual tools to conduct experiments, it is very difficult and almost impossible to share experimental results or to reproduce experimental results by other scientists. This document describes the usage and assembly of a testbed for conducting computational experiments with algorithms which automates recurring tasks. This testbed is intended to help to reduce repeating work, aid in searching for data and enable sharing data for all relevant aspects of computational experiments.

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