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Intellectics Group: Technical Report 00-02

Extracting State Constraints from PDDL-like Planning Domains.

Ulrich Scholz

In Workshop on Analyzing and Exploiting Domain Knowledge for Efficient Planning. AIPS'2000, Breckenridge, Colorado, USA.

We describe a new method for inferring state constraints from PDDL-style planning problems. Planning systems can use state constraints as valuable domain-dependent knowledge to cut the search space and to speed up planning. A large and important class of state constraints are c-constraints which are prevalent among the constraints inferred by current techniques. These techniques are restricted to c-constraints of a certain structure. The described method finds many of the c-constraints which are found by other methods as well as complex c-constraints which cannot be inferred by current techniques. The presented method takes PDDL input, is domain-independent, and does not use the initial state of a planning problem.

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