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Intellectics Group: Technical Report 96-03

Properties vs. Resources: Solving Simple Frame Problems

Steffen Hölldobler and Michael Thielscher

Most solutions to the technical frame problem in theories of a ctions depend on special axioms like the frame axioms, the law of inertia, or the successor state axioms. In these solutions facts about a situation are regarded and represented as properties which hold in the situation. In this article it is argued that it is often more adequate to view facts about a situation as resources which are available in the situation. As resources can be consumed and produced a representation of the facts about a situation as resources leads to a solution of the technical frame problem without the need to state any additional axioms.

In order to substantiate our claim we present a simple problem class such that the complexity of a method based on the situation calculus is quadratic regarding this class, whereas it has a linear solution in a resource-oriented approach.

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