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Intellektik: Technical report 95-04

Solving Deductive Planning Problems Using Program Analysis and Transformation

Andre de Waal and Michael Thielscher

Two general, problematic aspects of deductive planning, namely, detecting unsolvable planning problems and solving a certain kind of postdiction problem, are investigated. The work is based on a resource oriented approach to reasoning about actions and change using a logic programming paradigm. We show that ordinary resolution methods are insufficient for solving these problems and propose program analysis and transformation as a more promising and successful way to tackle them. In particular, a recently developed specialization technique based on partial evaluation and regular approximation is refined and adapted for the specialization of the underlying logic program modeling actions and change. Furthermore, a regular approximation is proposed as a finite description for representing and collecting infinitely many combinations of resources. The usefulness of the developed specialization techniques are demonstrated on some prototypical examples.

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