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Intellektik: Technical report 93-02

Spatial Reasoning and Connectionist Inference

Antje Beringer and Steffen Hölldobler and Franz Kurfeß

Intellectics, ie. Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, is an interdisciplinary field whose goals are to understand and explain intelligence on the one hand and to develop computational models which show intelligent behavior on the other hand. The system presented in this paper is based on ideas taken from Automated Reasoning and Connectionism. The connectionist inference system CHCL is applied to solve the question whether a given sentence correctly describes the spatial relations of objects shown in a visual scene. The sentence is posed in relational form to a set of rules which define spatial relations among objects and a set of facts which describe the objects and their relations in the visual scene. These facts are not given in advance but are abductively inferred from an analog representation of the visual scene.

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