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Intellektik: Technical report 92-15

Temporal Projection for Hierarchical, Partial-order Planning

M. Beetz and M. Lindner and J. Schneeberger

One of the basic limitations of many hierarchical, partial-order planning systems is their requirement for complete models of actions. In many domains, however, this assumption cannot be made. This paper describes a Plan Network Maintenance System (PNMS), which overcomes this limitation by viewing planning systems as rational agents that make planning decisions and assumptions, and justify their planning operations. The PNMS serves as a subsystem of a partial order planner. It records partially elaborated plans together with the necessary planning decisions and supports the querying of particular states in the current plan. The feasibility of plan steps and plan inconsistencies are deduced from the current set of planning decisions and their corresponding assumptions. The advantage of this approach is that incomplete action models, domain constraints, derived and context-dependent effects can be easily represented in this framework.

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