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Intellektik: Technical report 91-20

About Planning in Dynamic Worlds

Gerd Große

In the present paper we will draw an outline of a planning system situated in a world in which many agents may act in parallel. These dynamic worlds are specified in terms of situations and possible changes. With respect to such a specified world it is possible to identify the uncertainty whether a given plan succeeds in a multiagent world. This results in different methodologies for constructing plans. From these we want to discuss the following two in deep: firstly, plans which work independent on the behavior of the other agents. Secondly, plans which might have unexpected results if other agents move concurrently, but succeed at least in the case where no other agent acts. Similar to Lifschitz' style \cite{L:86} we will give definitions for the operators and the planning system and proofs of the correctness of plans. The important capability of including expected actions of other agents into the plan is also considered. For this purpose, we formalize a technique for the parallelization of action operators which enables the planning system to reason about simultaneous actions.

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